The first model I ever placed many years ago has remained a cherished friend in my life. Sarah (Olson) Hitman modeled in high school and again when she was living in Chicago and starting a family. She has always been incredibly artistic and for many years has had a very successful jewelry business. Last year she shared with me a new venture working with recycled wood.

Sarah sent me a gift of her art work that I received this weekend and I will cherish it forever. She told me that when she was young, she remembered that I would always tell her to “Fail Big”. In other words, if you’re going to do something, really go for it. Dive in and let the chips fall where they may. Good will always come out of it.

Ironically, this morning on Good Morning America, Claire Shipman was speaking about her new book, The Confidence Code. The book speaks in part about the difference between males and females, and how males have a tendency to risk more, fail more, and a willingness to just go for it. Females in our culture have a tendency to over think more, analyze, and hesitate, which rarely leads to true success. Every big success story is always full of both failure and success.

Our life on this earth is very short. Make sure you really live it. Don’t be a afraid to FAIL BIG. You never know where it will eventually take you.

Thank you Sarah Hitman for reminding me how we ended up where we are today, and to embrace it, and never regret.

I challenge you all to be willing to FAIL BIG.






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