Part of the relaunch of our website is continuing a series called “Family Tree”, where I share a bit about each of our models, a bit about their story, and what makes them special in our eyes. Granted, Ashton has moved on from modeling…as a matter of fact, he landed That 70’s Show less than a year after I scouted him.

1997 was a very special year and the memories are priceless. We have remained connected through the years and we cherish his friendship. I discovered Ashton in February of 97 during a challenging time in my life. His discovery solidified I was on the right track and being a model scout, even in Iowa, was part of what I was made for.

From the first conversation I ever had with him that night at The Airliner, he shared BIG dreams, goals that seemed impossible at the time, and he immersed himself in the journey towards this new destiny as a model. Right from the very beginning, he shared the dream he had to be an actor.

Ashton, Jeff, and I became extremely close that first year. We were all transitioning quickly into new chapters in our lives. Ashton is extremely caring, brilliant, a visionary, and a loyal thoughtful friend.  The first fashion show I attended in NYC was with then Christopher (Ashton) Kutcher by my side. He was wearing thrift store finds head to toe, or as we would call it “Salvation Armani” and I was wearing a black dress from a department store in Iowa and Payless Shoes. We couldn’t help but think “How did two dreamers from Iowa end up here?? At the Calvin Klein show?!?!”  Our lives would never be the same….

Fifteen years later and I am blown away by all that has taken place so far. Words can’t describe how humbled I am by the whole thing. It is a daily reminder of how limitless our lives are if we just really go for it.

Two strangers crossed my path in 1997, one (Jeff) in January on a layover in St Louis, and the other (Ashton) in February at a bar called The Airliner. Both men had a dramatic impact in my life, and mine in theirs. The bond we have is INDIVISIBLE. The love we all have  for each other is FOREVER.

What’s the moral of the story? Ashton’s mantra sums it up best; DREAM BIGGER




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