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Grace Hartzel features in the latest issue of Document Journal in a couture story photographed by Maripol using a Polaroid camera. That haute couture is the meticulous practice of creating high fashion garments by means of hand sewing means the process is anything but instantaneous. Fast fashion it is not. Polaroid on the other hand is an instant photographic technology that was developed in the late 1930s that circumvented the laborious and often messy chemical process of developing pictures. Couture and Polaroid, then in many respects are opposites, one’s slow and the other’s fast, but nevertheless loosely retain an affinity with one another as objects that are produced by hand. This tension is played out in dramatic fashion through Maripol’s series, which was styled Ronald Burton III and features Grace wearing looks from couture collections for Fall 2014. Exquisite from start to finish, these portraits resemble works of fine art and are a testament to Grace’s presence before the camera.

Credits include: Publication, Document Journal N°5; Title, “What role does attraction play in composition?”; Photography, Maripol; Direction of photography, Vanessa Munier; Fashion editorial, Ronald Burton III; Hair, Kei Terada at Julian Watson Agency; Makeup, Pep Gay at Streeters London; Casting direction, Samuel Ellis Scheinman at DM Casting; Fashion assistance, Juliana Sagat, Winnie Riley; Digital, Urban Studio; Special thanks to Daniele Balice and Alberto Marani.




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