Being a professional model in the fashion industry isn’t a reality for 99% of the population.
What people believe to be true:
1. You look pretty in a picture
2. Your mom, aunt, neighbor, and friends tell you that you should be a model
3. You post pictures on social media and people tell you that you are beautiful and should be a model
4. You are a model because you and your friends and family say you are and you take pictures and post them.
5. If you’ve really made it, you find a local agency who tells you that you’re a star. They charge you for pictures, comp cards, a portfolio, website fees, and possibly even classes.
6. You really make it big when they “invite you” to a modeling convention to meet with agencies. This “investment” will cost thousands of dollars
What is really true:
1. You’re beautiful, interesting, unique, not just pretty.
2. You fit the criteria of age, height, body type, cup size. All fashion models are tall. Not just “runway models” It’s not 1994 and there is only one Kate Moss (with a few rare exceptions)
3. You work to refine your body to be healthy and toned. You have a regimen for clear skin and healthy hair.
4. If you haven’t been scouted by a legitimate scout, you submit directly to agencies with digitals with no makeup, hair pulled back, in a two piece swimsuit in natural light. You don’t inundate professionals in the industry with hashtags on local tests.
5. If there is interest, the real process begins.
6. You continue to get to the top model standard. Body, mindset, confidence, etc. you work to come into your own. This is a personal journey in which you need a strong knowledgable team that REALLY know what they are doing. You become so much more than a beautiful face. You are engaging, interesting, and you possess a great personal style. You learn to walk in and light up the room.
7. You get representation in a larger market and you go spend time there. Building your book, meeting with clients, mastering the casting process, working on your walk, etc. Your management team makes a plan of what market you go to next
8. There is a journey unfolding. You are being prepared for bigger things. You learn to dig down deep and find who you are, what makes you unique, and you learn to navigate in different environments and cultures. The world opens up to you
9. Sometimes it feels like two steps forward and three steps back. You have to keep your eye on the prize and do the work that’s required. You realize how much personal growth it has taken. Your team is helping and cheering you on, figuring out the next best step. You learn not to listen to the naysayers or the people back home who know nothing about the modeling industry.
10. Two years later you are dubbed the next new sensation, an overnight success! Now the real work begins. You travel more, you master skills that help you maintain this new level. Your team makes management decisions and a wonderful, exciting new world continues to unfold. You end up using this unique calling on your life to inspire, do charity work, and build businesses. You didn’t get to the top by accident. It took hard work, dedication, and a great management team. You have developed into an Incredibly savvy business woman

NOTE: You come back home and the girl who was determined to be a model is working at the mall. She refused to accept tangible advice from knowledgable people who told her she wasn’t tall enough and wasn’t built for this business. Now she is posting videos on social media singing. She plans to audition for American Idol this summer. She is also auditioning for Americas Next Top Model. Her friends and family tell her she has an amazing voice and she should be a star.
She has always had a natural gift in science. When she was a girl, she was passionate about it. She never developed that natural inclination and will never know what she could have brought to the world. She just wants to be famous….and so does her family.



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