Tribute at the Big Top

Join us at our 7th annual celebration, Tribute Fashion Fest!

This year we will be going over the top at The Big Top on Saturday November 3rd.Top Mother Models will make their way back home to walk the runway that got them started. Tribute continues to launch top models into the fashion stratosphere with every new year, and the energy in the room is always electrifying. Tribute is a show meant to showcase iconic fashion moments and bring back the FUN in FASHION!

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Mother Mary Monday – A Podcast

Welcome to my podcast Mother Mary Monday! Every Monday I will share discovery stories, life lessons & encourage you to seek and find your best YOU.

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How to get the Attention of the Top Agencies in the World –
A Book by Mary Clarke

After 25 years scouting, grooming, and developing models. I realized that after meeting with thousands of aspiring models and getting thousands of submissions to our website, we see that about 95%, probably even closer to 98%, go about it all wrong.

Unfortunately, frequently we see models in local and regional markets who are with agencies advising them and directing them on how to break into the top levels in fashion, and sadly, not getting the proper coaching they deserve. Social media has allowed people to put themselves out there as models long before they are ready. Everyone needs to SLOW DOWN, not be in such a hurry, and do things correctly. This, my friends, is a process. We live in a society that wants instant gratification. That is not how things really work, especially in the career of an aspiring model. There is a proper process, followed by the journey of building a lucrative career.

Social media has allowed aspiring models to create the illusion that they are a model. All it takes is getting someone to take the pictures and BAM! – you have a photo shoot and you can angle body position, put on a couple of filters, photo shop clear skin, and you’re off to the races. If you are in a local or regional market that someone has set up shop as an agency, they will probably be more than happy to take you on (as well as take your money) to tell your friends and neighbors that you are a model. From there, your Mom will post pictures on Instagram and Facebook. If you’re REALLY lucky, the agency may be a member of an organization that holds modeling conventions, in which case you will be “selected” to pay thousands of dollars to join thousands of other lucky aspiring models and actors, in hopes to be “discovered” by one of the top agents in the world.

We went from one extreme of having modeling schools and modeling conventions misrepresenting and disguising themselves as gatekeepers, to aspiring models having too much direct access and not knowing how to handle it. You should be using that access appropriately and professionally, instead of inundating agents and scouts online with too many images, posts, tags, and pleas, accomplishing absolutely nothing and annoying people in the process.

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